Patio Tones Acrylic Deck Coating - 1 Gallon - Ivory

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Patio Tones Acrylic Deck Coating - 1 Gallon - Ivory Product Details:

Patio Tones will greatly enhance the beauty of any concrete patio or pool deck. Plain or worn concrete gives a dull and uninteresting appearance, detracting from the ambiance of the area. Patio Tones adds life as well as protection.

Patio Tones is also excellent for the restoration of sprayed and patterned concrete surfacing systems.

Simply make any necessary repairs, clean the deck according to label instructions, and roll on Patio Tones. The acrylic formula lets you prepare and coat in one day. The result will be a surface that is safe, beautiful and protected.

Ivory   Champagne   Warm Biscuit

Silk Straw   Desert Sun   Sand Valley

Mystic Gray   Creekstone  

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