3.0hp Cyclone Vac Blower

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Tired of spending big money each year on pool closings? The Cyclone vac is the brand blower that many pool professionals use to close pools. With the savings you get from closing your own pool the Cyclone Vac will pay for itself in just a year.
    • A completely redesigned plastic housing made of durable polyethylene that can take the abuse and rough handling of a service tool.
    • Powerful 3.0hp 120volt three-stage bypass motor with long life brushes, producing 130efm open flow and 160inches of sealed pressure.
    • Motor cover plate can be easily removed to replace brushes or to service motor.
    • 20amp toggle switch with toggle boot.
    • 2 inch standard N.P.T. threaded inlet with filter screen to protect motor.
    • 1.5 inch hose adapter on outlet can be easily adapted to a variety of fittings.
    • For proper closing instructions please refer to the owners manual for your pool

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